Book Notes

Since I have a good library system near by, I tend to start a lot of books – sometimes I finish them, other times I get what I need from them and return them. I used to feel really bad about abandoning authors, but time is a scarce resource, so I am ruthless with dropping a book that isn’t providing either enjoyment or answers.

Below is a list of these books, complete with any notes that I may have kept while reading them.

  • The Sugar Brain Fix

    This book has an interesting position on how the brain treats bad foods. In a nutshell, the reason why we reach for bad foods is the result of being deficient in Dopamine and Serotonin, which these bad foods trick the brain into releasing.

  • The Pragmatic Programmer

    This is probably one of the most classic programming books that is frequently recommended to programmers by programmers. I catagorize this type of book as Programmer’s Self-Help. Some will find it helpful, others look for more actionable advice. I read this when I was about 2 years into my software engineering career.