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My Week In Emacs

Not a whole lot to report but I want to bring up something about Magit and source control in general.

My usage of Magit hasn’t really changed over the past weeks, but I have been slowly trying to use it and ediff for merging. I have to say that I really appreciate the merging experience when using a graphical tool like Tower and performing diff merging in another graphical tool such as Beyond Compare. Breaking away from that experience has proven to be quite the job. Especially when the merges that I am dealing with are not simple merges. So, on that subject…

How To Avoid Complex Merges

  1. Merge and commit frequently

That’s really the only rule. If your commits are small, the resulting merge should also be small.

It’s all easily written than done though. No one likes to commit non-functional changes, but I think if commits were made at the block level as a loose rule, things would work out better in the end.

So that’s what I am committing to. The plan is to decompose things down to the block level and slowly start using Emacs for my merges.