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Quests for Knowledge

Installing Linux Mint & CLI Wonderment

I decided to install Linux Mint 18 on my old laptop. I really wanted to know what it was like to have a Linux as a primary OS. Initially, I installed a Linux on a VM and having it there was handy, but I found myself not opening the VM. With it installed as my primary OS, I am forced into using it. I’ve always been really curious about Linux and how to harness the power – it’s just hard to commit to learning a particular OS when it is not your primary.


Just before I took the plunge, I picked up a physical copy of The Linux Command Line from the local library (it is now late). There is so much great information in that book. You learn little things about the built-in utilities and how basically the OS is an IDE. In the first chapter, the author writes about a scenario where two developers (C++ vs Bash) looking at the same problem solved it in very different ways. Spoiler alert: the Bash approach was orders of magnitude less code. This was the main draw to learning more about Linux.

Don’t get me wrong, I can get around Linux pretty well. I just wanted to dig more into the utilities that are available to become more efficient on the command line.

Dangerous Thoughts

I’ve had pretty good success getting my development environment up and running on Linux. I even scripted out some of the configuration so it can be replicated on other Debian based systems. At this point, I don’t see a reason to go elsewhere. In fact, I like this environment so much, I don’t want to go elsewhere. That’s the dangerous thing. I’ve always thought that one should be as OS agnostic as possible, but I think when you get exposed to the powerful tools that live in Linux, going outside this environment is difficult. I know that OSX and now Windows 10 have proper support for Bash, but it is here now and it is free.

What About Audio & Other Things?

That is something I am working to try to get to parity with. Currently, OSX and Windows have great support for Audio applications. Not to mention, the VSTs that I’ve recently used are so much better than they used to be. I am not opposed to maybe dual-booting for that particular need. We’ll see what comes from my digging.