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Beginning Again, Statically

I’ve decided to start writing blog posts again since I am learning new things and I’d like to document the things I am learning in an attempt to measure progress. With this, a few things have changed. My original blog engine was blogger (very neglected), but I have recently started using Emacs and, really, I don’t want to leave Emacs. I know there are modes for posting to blogger, but since I am starting to hack Golang, I think using a static blogging engine written in Go is appropriate. I don’t know of any special functions or modes to make using Hugo easier for the Emacs user, so there is room for me to learn how to make these functions/modes myself. Benefits galore.


It’s a long story, but I am trying out Sacha C’s method of learning things. Along with her articles on blogging for learning, I’ve read others who use the same technique for an efficient learning environment. I have many things that I am learning all at once and I need a way to organize and solidify my learning.

What I’ll Post

For now, the posts on this blog will mostly relate to programming – ranging from slightly technical to overly technical. Overly technical posts will have little commentary and mostly code.

When I’ll Post

I have no intended schedule and I cannot promise that posts will happen on a regular basis. I will try one post a week. That seems reasonable.

Goodbye for now

Goodbye, until the next post.